About us:

FitVPS is a brand of Telecoms Ltd., an ISP operating since 1998 and located in Varna, Bulgaria.
Company info, contact details, etc. are available on our Contacts page.

Promotion codes - discounts:
wht50off-june2011 - will give you 50% one time discount for the first month.
This must be entered at checkout. The promotion code is valid until 30.06.2011

Promotion codes - upgrades:
WHT: doubledisk - will double your disk space, for life
WHT: doublebandwidth - will double your bandwidth, for life
WHT: speedmeup - will upgrade your port speed to 100mbps (on plans with metered bandwidth only)
These must be sent via ticket to our sales department after completing your order. The upgrade promotion codes are valid for orders completed before 21.06.2011. Only one upgrade promotion code can be used per VPS.

The offers:

FitVPS Slim
RAM: 256MB guaranteed, burstable to 384MB
CPU: 1000MHz of 1 CPU core
disk: 5GB
bandwidth: 100GB Monthly transfer at 10Mbps
price: 5 USD/month
Order FitVPS Slim

FitVPS Silver
RAM: 512MB guaranteed, burstable to 768MB
CPU: 1 core
disk: 10GB
bandwidth: 200GB Monthly transfer at 20Mbps
price: 10 USD/month
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FitVPS Gold
RAM: 768MB guaranteed, burstable to 1024MB
CPU: 2 cores
disk: 20GB
bandwidth: 300GB Monthly transfer at 30Mbps
price: 15 USD/month
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FitVPS Platinum
RAM: 1024MB guaranteed, burstable to 1280MB
CPU: 3 cores
disk: 30GB
bandwidth: 500GB Monthly transfer at 50Mbps
price: 20 USD/month
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FitVPS Diamond
RAM: 1536MB guaranteed, burstable to 1792MB
CPU: 4 cores
disk: 50GB
bandwidth: 1000GB Monthly transfer at 100Mbps
price: 30 USD/month
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FitVPS Flex
Allows you to choose your own custom configuration of RAM, CPU, disk space
and bandwidth from multiple options.
RAM: from 256MB to 4GB guaranteed, with or without burst
CPU: from piece of a core to 4 full cores
disk: from 5GB to 500GB
bandwidth: multiple options, including dedicated unmetered pipes
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Test IP:
100MB download test file
IPv6 test IP: 2a02:7900:f17::1
100MB download tet file over IPv6 http://ipv6test.fitvps.com/100M.bin
This is hosted inside a FitVPS Slim with the bandwidth cap removed.

All prices listed here are in USD. We can also accept EUR, price will be automatically recalculated for you.

EU customers without EU VAT number will have to pay 20% VAT. EU busyness customers who have a valid EU VAT number will receive a proper VAT invoice and will not be charged VAT by us.

We are not the cheapest and we do not claim to be the best. But we guarantee you excellent value for your money. All our prices are reallisticly based on our costs for providing the service, and we have strict no overselling policy and strict anti abuse policy.

Why choose us:

- We own the data center.
- We own the network infrastructure.
- We own the servers.
- We own the address space.
- We operate premium BGP multihomed network with own autonomous system (AS16154) and multiple international upstreams and regional peers.
- We have strict anti abuse policy and keep our network free of abusers.
- Native IPv6 available
- Working rDNS, also for IPv6

The features:

- OpenVZ virtualization
- SolusVM control panel - allows you to stop, start, reboot, reinstall your VPS, create and restore backups and more.
- full root access
- unmanaged - we take care and responsibility of the network and the hardware nodes, You take care of your VPS
- RAID10 storage for performance and data protection
- dedicated central backup server for user controllable backups - 2 backup slots per VPS
- multiple OS templates available
- 1 IP address by default
- extra IPs (up to 10) are $1/month each
- extra IPs from different class Cs are possible (up to 10) - $2/month each
- 5 native IPv6 addresses availabe for free after request via support ticket
- rDNS, including working rDNS for IPv6 available via the SolusVM control panel
- tun/tap device, with fully automatic and instant setup, perfect for OpenVPN use
- 99.9% uptime guarantee
- Service Level Agreement
- 7 days money back guarantee - if you don't like the service for whatever reason, you can cancel within 7 days of ordering and will get a full refund
- all nodes with gigabit ports

Network info:

We operate our own Autonomous System (AS16154) and are multihomed to diverse international Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers. Some of our upstreams include:
- Level3 (AS3356)
- Interoute (AS8928)
- Cogent (AS174)
- Neterra (AS34224)
- Novatel (AS41313)
- good local peering, good ping to neighboring countries - Romania, Macedonia, etc.

All our nodes are located in our own datacenter in Varna, Bulgaria and run on our own network. This allows us to take full responsibility for the service, and we back our 99.9% service guarantee with a SLA and 7 day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Qestions

Q: Data center location?
A: Our data center is in EU, more exactly in Varna, Bulgaria

Q: I see many other providers are promising more (CPU cores/RAM/disk space/bandwidth) for the same money?
A: We do not oversell. All resources that we offer are dedicated and not oversold. Please read our ToS.

Q: Is mass emailing allowed?
A: NO.

Q: Is IRC allowed?
A: No.

Q: Do you ignore DMCA notices?
A: No. We are in EU, all activity must comply with EU laws.

Q: Do you offer native IPv6?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer working rDNS?
A: Yes, including working rDNS for IPv6.

Q: Payment methods?
A: Paypal for international customers. Can also accept bank transfer, but this is subject of preapproval. Please contact us if you want to pay via bank transfer.

Any other question, please contact us.