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    Arrow DNS Godaddy limits ?

    Hello there ,
    What i understand till now is Godaddy limits
    You are not required to register hosts, but if you want to set up your own Domain Name Server (DNS) service, you can register your own hosts using these instructions. You can enter up to 13 hosts, depending on the maximum number of hosts the top-level domain name (TLD) registry allows.

    Get More involved : I have many VPSes , i want everyone to have a name server .. and the matter fact they will pass the 13 hosts limit " as i understood "
    How can i manage to get more nameservers
    can i for example go to my dns settings in server 1
    and add an A record --> ??
    I tried doing this but when i try to point a domain to dns99 nameserver i get " Nameserver not registrated "
    P.S : Sorry i am new to WHT didn't know where to post this

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    With godaddy you can only setup up to 13 Nameservers to point to. Their system will not allow you to do any more than that. I also do not thing you can point any domain names with any company past a 13 nameserver limit but I could be wrong in that aspect. Now what you could do is you could give everyone on your server their own IP address and create the nameserver under the HOST record in the domain control panel to point to like and And have those resolve to each clients personal IP address. That would probably be your best option when it comes to setting it up so each client has their own nameserver.
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    I'm Sorry but i still can't figure out what do you mean
    do you mean DNS
    A record for ( ) so that it points to an ip ?
    because when i tried this and went to godaddy to point a domain to this nameserver it tells me name server not registrated

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    If you look in the domain control panel on godaddy's site and open the manage your domain window. On the bottom left corner you should see a host summery box. Thats where you can create nameservers for the domain name. Once that is done after a little while they should be registered. With godaddy you dont create nameservers in the DNS panel at all. Its a bit confusing over there.
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