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    Exclamation How to make a bulk account creation? (cpanel)


    I'm wondering if that is possible, currently I have 50 domains (just domain names) to be "imported", and cPanel/whm doesn't seem to have a native way to do this, does anybody know if there is any script to do this?


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    oh, let me add that they all will have the same passwords, same email, etc... even same packpage!...

    By the way, if just custom coding resolves this, do you know if whmcs, hostbill, blesta, whm auto pilot, client exec, or any other of these scripts have an importer that allows me to import them to these billing systems? it would be also another option, account creation from the billing system is always easier
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    WHMCS allows importing of cPanel accounts. I can't speak for the others.
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    Well, what I need is the reverse process hehe, importing domains to X billing system or directly to cpanel

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    haven't tested it before but I found this via
    PHP Code:
    Lets assume domains.txt contains the list of parked domains, one domain per line.
    "cpanel username";
    $pass "cpanel password";
    $domain "cpanel domain or ip address";
    $theme "x"// cpanel theme, usually x
    $domains file("domains.txt");

    $domains as $pdomain) {
    I've used a cpanel mail account creator that worked really well from there. Hope it helps. Looks pretty easy to setup.
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    is just that code, right? if so, I guess I can match it with the proper whm api required to create accounts, let me try and I will let you know! thanks a lot!.

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    That code will only add parked domains, not individual cPanel accounts. Does it matter if the domains are addon/parked domains, or do you want them all to be separated from one another?
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    its fine, that code just gave me an idea of how could I get it.. I just made two foreach, one for the account username and the other one for the domains, and then used the whm api which is a different url...

    http://$user:$pass@$domain:2086/scripts/wwwacct?(params, variables, etc)

    I hope it works

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    Running a script like this?


    How would you run a script like this? I have a php script I'd like to integrate into this that bulk creates accounts using the above method but not sure where i'd run this script from on my server or does it matter at all?


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