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    Angry W2server is an internet fraud

    I received their promo email that mentioned Hongkong VPS was available at April 2011,and I bought a HongKong VPS(annual subscription) immediately,I paid it for $36,and I get nothing today.I don't know when will I get this god damn vps.

    I submited many many tickets to complain and request refund. they don't reply I just can say just stay away from this cheaper internet fraud.

    And I have another vps on w2server (los angels), it's down for everyday.seems like he set the crontab to shutdown their server to prevent overheat LOL! it was very unstable and useful!

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    Hello, do a search here on W2 Servers...

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    W2server have many complains elsewhere in other forums. Feel sorry for you guys. Hope w2server will take somr pride their name to atleast inform customers of their situation rather then keeping in total silence.

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    My question is why would you order another vps from them if your first vps was giving you problems? Seems kind of not smart to order another one.

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    W2 Servers looks very new, and the price of their product is un-realistic low. Runing away for this type of company as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickey318 View Post
    My question is why would you order another vps from them if your first vps was giving you problems? Seems kind of not smart to order another one.
    Hi,The problem is I bought the LOS VPS for a week,it's good and so I decided to buy a HK vps for Asian customers. I don't trust that it will be out of stock in a second.Because I got the email and purchased asap. Unfortunately I am waiting and waiting,its status still in pending today, almost 2 months past.

    And more unfortunately,in this month,the LOS is often down,very unstable,I have no confidence to put my data on this server,and they always don't reply any useful support,I submited many tickets to request refund,they won't reply and just sent me a email from their ceo,I think all are bullshits.

    If the VPS is out of stock,why they don't refund asap! it dosen't make I just can say they are a totally fraud.

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    Welcome to the club a lot of have been apart of for awhile now

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscott04 View Post
    Welcome to the club a lot of have been apart of for awhile now
    LOL,my ticket fee are $24(LOS VPS annual fee)+$36(HK VPS annual fee),I am not the VIP in the club distinctly.

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    Best of luck with everything and I hope you find a reliable and a true provider for ur next solution..
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    try to avoid host who offer unrealistic price as it tend to oversell their node with the ignorance of clients benefit.

    do a chargeback if you feel that they are scam :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    You are right. We all know it's fraud. Sadly, some people still get attracted to their prices. - Fast, Quality and Secure MANAGED VPS with fast SSD drives in h/w RAID10
    Full network and hardware customization possible - let's talk your needs. Optional 500gbps DDoS protection!
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    Actually lowendbox said its CEO is very top and I purchased one from the lowendbox's link,and I waited for some days and I couldn't wait,so I requested for refund. w2server REALLY refunded to me(This is a trick for me,that would made me lost more money).

    After I got the refund. I got another email said it has more offering,so I believed I could try it again.this time I waited for 1 week and got the SUCK LOS Vps, it's ok not bad in that week. So I bought HK VPS for one year. And the nightmare's begin.

    I don't know who even got the refund from W2server, but I have one time exprience.

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