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    Exclamation IPB IP.Board: Standard License, IP.Content, IP.Gallery & IP.Downloads

    PayPal Verified: Yes, I am
    100% proudly Paypal Verified.
    Buy It Now!: 185.00
    PAYPAL only

    I'm selling one IPB account that has

    IP.Board: Standard License (Retail Price 149.99)
    IP.Content (Retail Price 49.99)
    IP.Gallery (Retail Price 64.99)
    IP.Downloads (Retail Price 49.99)

    Total Cost 314.96

    All currently expired

    Other good deals I have
    completed here on WHT

    So I can be trusted.
    P.M. Me

    Buy It Now!: 185.00
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    all needed to be renewed soon, almost = to ipb total if you add it all up

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    Would you be willing to sell just the IPB license? If so, for how much?

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    I can't just sell the IPB license I have to sell the whole account.

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