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    Social Media and Narciscism?

    Ross Douthat wrote an excellent piece for the New York Times, in which he argued that social media has increased narcissism. He describes it as the "“look at me! look at meeeee!” culture of online social media,". What do y'all think?

    The full piece is at

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    I think people are inherently narcissts. Social media is just a platform for us to be heard, and gain more attention

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    While I understand everyone has the right to be heard, to have a voice, to have a say... The truth is, many of these people don't have anything worthwhile to share.

    "At the mall with [insert name]"
    "Here I am in a different pose in front of a mirror"
    "Here are photos of me in social situations, i'm cool"

    I mean, it's nice to follow something interesting but things like Facebook have basically just shown me that about half the people I went to High School with are now either married, pregnant, has (a) kid(s), or are still getting into the same old stuff in the same old town with a questionable future ahead (just partying all the time).
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    I dont think there is anything wrong with social media, if anything it just enables you to see people for who they really are (removes some of the mystery behind an individual). So in essence, I dont think Facebook has increased narcissism, it has just exposed humanity to its true narcissistic behavior. If anything, I think TV and certain types of music are more of a contributing factor to Narcissism than facebook.
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    No different than IRC, forums/bbs, etc.
    Merely different mediums to channel content through
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