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    cant seem to find this.....

    i have been reading for the last 3 hours on this forum. i am looking for a bulk email friendly dc/host. i need to transfer all of my servers there. we are a email company that gives free webmail to users. currently we have about 4 million active members using our services everyday and about another 1 to 2 million non active members. please point me in the right direction as to my eyes are starting to bleed from all the reading!

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    Such large number of user u shld also consider getting verified smtp gateway scanners so thay ur ip is protected from frequent blacklistings. U can get 1gb vps with large hdd capacity to run this. Maybe get two vps different location each and setup ur mx as failovers. Budget in mind if any pls share.

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    VPS to handle 4 million users? Are you serious? LOL. However large or great the VPS will be, it will definitely NOT be enough to handle 4 million users. Lets just give you an example... lets say 1% is only most of the time, which will make it 40,000 concurrent users... You think a VPS could handle this?

    booicu, can you tell us your budget and what kind of host are you looking for?
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    Maybe i wasnt really thinking. Go and get a dedicated server OP

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    Even while choosing a dedicated server you need to go for something high end to cater to such traffic.
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    With that many emails accounts (and with free email you always run into people that can cause abuse issues) I don't think too many US based providers would be able to work with that. I would look at an offshore dedicated server for your email hosting.
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