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    * [SALE] New Hosting Template, only $5


    I'm selling this template I finished a week ago, for $5.

    It comes with:

    5 fully coded pages
    13 psd files for helping edit specific parts
    Slideshow images
    Dropdown menu
    xhtml validated
    Detailed instructions of editing.

    Method of payment: can be paypal or other method suggested.

    ps: It's the same template that was for sale as unique and only the psd a month ago, now I coded it.

    Thank you!

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    Link is not working for me ?

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    I'll buy it. PM me your paypal payment address.
    Thank You

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    It will be sold more than once ? or is it unique ?

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    It's still not working? Sadly, I don't know which is the reason, but I can send you a screenshot if you want to see it.

    It's not unique, but it has been finished this week.

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    This is a template which will be sold an unlimited amount of times. I suggest fixing the template if that is the case. You should add a border: 0px; properties as it does not show properly the way it is now.

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