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    Question Bigrock review [Thread split]

    I strongly recommend against I had a domain registered with that got transferred to Bigrock. The domain was near expiration, and I got a message from Bigrock in May 2011 that I needed to renew.

    So went to and attempted to renew. The renewal transaction failed, but I gave it a few days to make sure it wasn't a software glitch. The domain did not renew, so I tried it again. This time I got a "page not found" at the end of my transaction.

    I sent an email to Bigrock Support last week asking for help renewing the domain. Other than the automatic acknowlegement, no response. Then I got an automated email from Bigrock Sales asking about my satisfaction.

    Near as I can tell, there are no warm bodies minding the store - or the website - at The site runs on its own and makes lots of mistakes. Live Chat is "offline." Perhaps everyone died.

    Today I initiated the domain transfer to GoDaddy, although I'm not sure it's actually going to go, given Bigrock's problems so far. It's kind of important now; the domain expires in 15 days.

    Oh, and one more new piece of information today. Bigrock charged my credit card for the renewal. (Their site still says it expires soon, and I'm still getting automated emails asking me to renew.) All things considered, I don't think Bigrock could have performed much worse - unless my domain doesn't transfer and expires.

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    Hmm, have you just tried giving them a call?

    Tel (USA Toll Free): +1-888-924-4762
    Tel (USA): +1 (310) 483 7168
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    Ya, you have taken the right decision of transferring your domain to Go Daddy from

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    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We would really appreciate if you could share with us your domain name / account username / support ticket number. Rest assured that we’ll have our support personnel look into your issue right away.

    PR Manager

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    PR Manager of which company?!!

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    That post was from:
    Corporate Communications Team
    BigRock Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    OMG, thanks OP i was suppose to register couple of domain with them

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    I had two domains on They were taken over by Big Rock. One expired and I couldn't renew, because my credit card company didn't like the transaction. It wasn't important to me so I let it go. I didn't want to lose the other one but when I logged on from Mozilla, firefox had a pop-up warning about the certificate. I used Big Rock's support services to address this issue and they said:
    "I suppose you are referring to the Firefox Security Warning Message " Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party."
    The server authenticates when you try to login, as in when you enter the username and password. So the request is passed through https connection. Once the verification is done the connection switches back to http .
    Thus you get the warning, which specifies that the connection is switching from https to http."

    I also asked them who the hell they were? They didn't respond to that question. I went ahead deposited some money in my "account" and used it to renew the domain that was expiring. Then I get a warning notice from my credit card company, asking if I had authorized the transaction? My credit card company indicated that the transaction had occurred in Mumbai, India. So, Big Rock is actually an Indian company that took over Answerable and is operating out of Mumbai. That doesn't make them bad guys--there is some great software coming out of India--but I think they should have been honest with me about who the hell they were.

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    We tried working with them for one of our design clients, but gave up after waiting for 3-4 days for a ticket response. Client ended up moving everything to us.

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    I have one domain with BigRock which was carried over from what was previously Answerable. So far the feedback from all doing business with BigRock is not positive. It appears I will be finding a new registrar to replace BigRock as I can not afford to loose this specific domain.

    So, "PRMANAGER", please give me one good reason why I should continue doing business with BigRock with such negative feedback of the posters in this thread?

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    Thanks for the feedback + responses to each poster

    Dear Mangosalsa, ishan, CrazyPenguin:

    Thanks for your comments and questions - we value your feedback and care about the experience you have with us. Please allow us to give you some additional information and address the concerns you have raised in this thread.

    @Mangosalsa: BigRock and (the erst-while) Answerable are two businesses within the Directi group which is HQed in Mumbai, India. Directi is one of the world's leading providers of domain name solutions and it's businesses power 6+ million domains globally across 150+ countries. Answerable was acquired by BigRock earlier this year in March. The BigRock PR page has a comprehensive list of articles about who we are, what we do, our focus, and the fact that we are based in India ( We are proud to be an Indian business with a global focus and hope to win your business regardless of our location. We apologize if this aspect was not clear during your conversations with our sales/support teams. We do understand your concern about this specially when coupled with a payment/security you issue you highlight in your post.

    Re: the issue you raised about the switch from https to http, there are a couple of things at play here. Your login information and your payment information is accepted over an https link as you point out. Once you have completed purchase/payment and your secure information has been sent we redirect you to a non-encrypted page wherein you can manage your purchases. While we do not see this is a security issue prima facie, based on your feedback we are evaluating encrypting this portion of our website as well. There are obviously performance trade offs that we have to consider as we make that call to move to https. As an aside I'd like to point out this pop-up is only visible in Firefox and not IE or Mozilla. We would like to assure you that your information is secure and that we do appreciate your feedback and are evaluating this as we speak.

    @ishan: We are sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been positive. Can you please help us understand the nature of your issue and by sending us an email with your account/ID to [email protected]. Even though it appears that you are no longer using our services we would like to understand what went wrong and how we can win your business again.

    @CrazyPenguin: Thank for being a customer. We would like to assure you of our continued commitment to providing top-notch support to you and all of our clients. Even though we do not succeed in doing this 100% of the time for a variety of reasons within and outside our control, we do hear from many many customers about the good work we are doing on daily basis from the thousands of customers we serve each month. If there are any specific concerns you have about our products or services please write to us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to engage with you around those.

    BigRock Support
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    bad experience

    I was once fan of Directi group, but now I feel their support going worst.

    One of my family friend, on my recommendation taken hosting there. After paying and all, they provided them with old hosting control panel ( which is same cpanel ) , they refused to do transfer of emails and web files and asked them to do themselves.

    While most hosting companies in world do this all in free of cost even in 1/10 of their pricing.

    Really feel bad why I recommended such company.

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    Dear ezeeproduct,

    We're sorry to hear that your friend faced problems at our end. Could you please provide us with the Domain Name or Email ID registered? We'll have someone from the Support Team look into this ASAP.

    Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket by visiting our support center here -

    BigRock Support.

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    I am using Directi Platform from 3 years. No problem found. They are leader in domain services..
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