We specialize in internet services and systems administration.
If you are looking for a reliable admin who can get things done right the first time without playing ticket tag or having some big fiasco we can help you!
USA Based offering 24/7 on call support via email, ticket and phone/sms for emergencies.

Can help consult and assist in the setup of web hosting projects, ddos mitigation setups, web hosting marketing and much more.

Services such as:

* Media Site/Server Setup
* File Server/Site Setup
* Server Clusters or HAC Setups
* Optimization and Tuning
* Server Security and Hardening
* DdoS Mitigation and Protection
* High Traffic/High Stress Server Environments
* Complete Project Deployment and Consultation Services
* Web Hosting Server Setups and Management
* Hosting Business Consultation, Launching and Marketing
* Server Administration and Management
* Outsourced Level 2 and Above Tech Support
* Internet Legal Services such as DMCA counter notices and compliance
* Extensive security services - Malware detection/prevention
* And Much More! If it is anything dealing with websites, servers and internet presence we can help you!

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