I've just started a new topic asking a question about WHMCS configurable options - this is a different question about the same part of their feature-set.

I have all new orders set to be left at "pending" before I approve them. For new accounts, that works well. I can just do a manual check over what is being asked for before I click "go".

When someone adds or removes configurable options to an existing order, things don't go so well. The order (in the list of orders) is set to a "pending" status. Good. But the list of product / services shows the configurable option as being applied to the product / service immediately, even though the order is still pending. Not good.

I deliberately want "upgrade / downgrade options" orders left pending, as some of those options cannot be applied automatically and need me to make some changes manually. As it is at the moment, it appears to the client that the option has been added onto their product, when it hasn't.

The final step of the test order I placed was to cancel the pending order, as opposed to accepting it. IMHO, correct behaviour would be for those configurable options to be removed from the package concerned (not that the options should have been applied in the first place), but that didn't happen. This means that, to cancel the order for options I have to cancel the order and edit the package by hand to remove the selection.

As things stand, paying to upgrade the options on a package shows you (in your client account) which options you have taken up. This is important, but all it actually shows you is a list of the options you have paid to have, not the ones that are actually active. I feel this is misleading, as it looks like you have an option when you may not have it quite yet.

Anyone have any thoughts?