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    Plesk/WHMCS Configuration help needed

    We are looking at adding MySQL hosting for our game server clients. We are currently using Plesk 9.5.3 and WHMCS 4.4.2.
    We want to set MySQL databases on request and preferably have this following the game server (using TCAdmin module in WHMCS) seen to billing period (suspension/terminations).

    The client should only get a MySQL db, along with connection details as well as PHPmyAdmin access. Importing/Exporting/Backups of MySQL must be possible as well.

    We can provide further information if needed!

    Please PM if you can undertake this job and also a quote!
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    Hi Daniel,

    We are interested, please drop an email to sales at
    Ideamine Technologies, sales(a)
    Server Management|Outsourced Support|Web Development|Mobile Applications
    Skype: servernix|GTalk: servernix|AIM: servernix

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    We can help you with this. Please send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com and we'll take it ahead from there.

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