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    DNS Setup Virtualmin separate VPSes

    Hello there ,
    I want help in configuration X number of Vpses
    mainly i want 2 vpses to be the DNS for all my other hosts
    but i want users to be able to change their DNS from virtualmin in the server he is hosted in ( i mean from one place )

    Clarification Example :
    VPS 1 VPS 2 are for DNS only for all domains is hosted on VPS 3 Having virtualmin
    but its DNS should be in VPS 1 and VPS 2 ...
    User should be able to control the DNS and his account settings from one place ( VPS 3 )
    Any suggestions or guides ?
    thanks in Advance

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    There is a new module for Cloudmin coming out soon to manage this kind of DNS deployment for VPS running Virtualmin (or any machines running Virtualmin, actually; since Cloudmin can also work with physical machines to some degree). It works in Cloudmin GPL (which is free), Cloudmin for Physical Servers (which you would use if you're deploying your virtual machines with something other than Cloudmin and you don't want any virtual machine creation/management capabilities and just want a central control panel for all of your Virtualmin systems; this version is $79), and Cloudmin Professional. If you'd like to become a beta tester for that DNS and database (it also allows for centralized MySQL databases) cloud services product, let me know via email (joe at virtualmin dot com).

    If you're just using Virtualmin, and don't want Cloudmin, you'd need to follow the DNS Slave configuration guide found here:

    That does require DNS to run on each Virtualmin machine, but they can automatically configure your primary servers as slaves. If the bind processes on the local machines never get traffic, they won't grow beyond a few MB in size.

    Hope this helps with your plans.

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