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    Exclamation Getting Stuck or Hang


    I am running a Public Rapid Leech for almost 1 year. But the Problem is when download a file more than 400 Mb or bigger. Some time download gets Stuck.

    Server Details

    CentOS 5 - Plesk 9.3
    2x 320 GB SATA
    4 GB DDR2-RAM
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3400+, Dual-Core


    any suggestion ?

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    Stuck is not a term which can be attributed to a specific problem.

    The best place to start is the log files of the application which is sending data to the client. If no useful logs are generated, a packet sniffer is often useful in debugging a connection which is interrupted for seemingly no reason. If the application is still sending the data packets, is the client receiving them? If the server stopped sending the packets, was the connection closed? As a last result, you can strace the server application and often when the download goes into the "stuck" state, the strace will display useful information about what the problem is.
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