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    Using VPS as sock5

    I am currently in need of some help with turning my VPS into a sock5 proxy server. I am currently using the PuTTy method and using the ssh tunnel. But, this is not sufficient as i have purchased multiple ip's for the server (running cent os5).

    I've heard of various methods, most using squid, but my current knowledge of computers isn't good enough to do this myself.
    I'd like to be able to run a proxy through each of the IP's associated with the server and then have authentication for each IP. How do i do this? I have no idea and that's why I am here.

    Thanks for all help in advance and if you can pm me and i will give you my aim/msn/yahoo for however you would like to contact me.

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    I've tried that, I have looked at 3 different online guides and still am unable to understand it or find the parts of the conf that need to be modified.

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