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    Single socks5 proxy hosting

    Looking for a website that is trustable and friendly and can offer me a socks5 proxy service on a dedicated server with little to no downtime. Thanks

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    just pick up a shell and ssh tunnel it.

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    Not a bad idea, any help on how to do that? A good shell hosting site? I'm not computer illiterate but when it comes to text based shells I get a little confused

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    find one and set up nylon or just tunnel (if you use putty, it's under ssh > tunnel)

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    Thanks I'm glad there's some helpful people left online.

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    this IS for legitimate purposes and not garbage like senuke spamming?

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    Honestly, this is for a game callled silkroad online. They recently added an IP limit to the game to prevent multiple accounts from being logged in, there's a bot for this game, and it offers a sock5 proxy setting to get around the ip limit, this is why I would like a stable fast proxy, preferably somewhere in germany,the company that owns the game decided to put a higher limit in germany than the usa.

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    you should play this game called maplestory, you can bot 150 accounts simultaneously from the same ip and nexon doesn't care.


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    lol, well at least you have an understanding of what I'm trying to do, now do you have any better suggestions suitable for my needs? I dont need an entire VPS.... just a cheap single proxy. But ofcourse if it'd be cheaper or more efficient to buy a shell or VPS, let me know

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