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    Question Is it necessary to get a SSL certificate for smartphone compatibility?

    Cheapest smartphone SSL support I found is Thawte's SSL123 at USD$54. Any alternatives?

    Some queries:
    - Are common certificates such as RapidSSL compatible with mobile phones if they they don't mention it explicitly?
    - If not, is it hard to upgrade a certificate?
    - If a smartphone uses a browser that falls under the compatible browsers list for a certificate why do we need a special certificate for these devices?

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    There are several - GlobalSign, GeoTrust, or even Comodo.

    Honestly speaking, I don't think mobile support is much of an issue today compared to previous years. If you're looking for something affordable:

    1) AlphaSSL - uses GlobalSign's Root CA
    2) RapidSSL - now uses GeoTrust's Root CA

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    That's what I thought by logic but do you have any references? I'm still wondering why do some certificates explicitly say they have mobile support if any cheap certificate would do the job.

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    I am sure that it is necessary to have SSL.. it is the solution which provides almost 100% browser compatibility and web security in mobile and network environments, ensuring that any customer or employee can connect from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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