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    Linux support xen natively?

    Does this mean Linux support XEN without patches?

    "Linus's mainline tree (2.6.39+) contains literally every component needed for Linux to run both as a management domain kernel(Dom0) and a guest(DomU)."

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    See also:
    Xen support upstreamed to QEMU

    Xen celebrates full Dom0 and DomU support in Linux 3.0

    “All this means that every single bit of support needed in Linux to work perfectly well with Xen is -in- the mainline kernel tree. I’ve heard over the last few years, competitors use “There is no Xen support in Linux” as a tagline to create fud with the Xen userbase and promote alternatives. Well, it’s all there people. As Linux evolves, now, within that code base, the Linux/Xen bits will evolve at the same rate without separate patch trees and big chunks of code to carry along. This is great, Xen is a great hypervisor with capabilities and features that one cannot achieve in a non-true hypervisor architecture.“
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