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    Electrical Affects on Video Card Performance

    First some background:

    My computer's video card, when the Windows Aero (Win 7) theme is enabled, every once in a while at random times it runs choppy. In games i have an FPS counter and everything is running above 60 FPS, but the screen looks like its running at 5 FPS. If i disable the Windows Aero theme, then this doesnt happen. I took the computer to store to have it looked at. The tech didnt find anything wrong with the card. I've been using my backup computer in the meantime, it used to be used in another room. Now this computer has started doing it too! It's running Windows Vista with Windows Vista theme and the choppyness has returned! The only thing that both of my computers have in common is both used the same outlet and the same surge protector (they arent plugged into outlet at same time, its still just one computer plugged in).

    My question is this:

    What's causing this? Is it the surge protector (I just bought it January of this year, its an Ultra Smart) or is it my electrical outlet? My house has old electrical wiring (its 110V and the current standard is 220V).

    I'm testing this issue by using my old surge protect to see if it returns. I was hoping though someone here would have an idea what it is so i dont have to wait a few days to see if it keeps doing it.
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    I'm no expert in these issues but if you can play games with 60 FPS without any freezing then the problem most likely is on software side. From power usage point of view it doesn't make any sense that your computer freezes when graphic card idles and runs perfectly when pulling 2x-3x more power when playing games. You should look into your software. Update your graphic card drivers first then look into similar software that you have installed on both computers.

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    I'd check the temperature of the card, it could be that it's overheating and getting choppy. If the temps are in range it very well could be the software (i.e. the game). Is it happening on every game or just a specific game?

    Also, if you haven't already, you should update to the latest drivers for your card+OS.
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    It happened on every game and even happened when watching a video or when the screensaver displayed. The computer store benchmarked it, and it didnt happen anymore.

    Video temps all remained in the average low range.

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