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    Client went MIA, selling custom hosting template with simple custom CMS

    I've designed this for a client with whom I've lost contact. I need money fast so I'm selling it here.


    • Custom designed CMS that lets you edit the front page deals, Shared hosting plans, Reseller hosting plans, VPS hosting plans and a few other things. No HTML editing required and a very simple and intuitive interface.
    • Search Engine Optimized (You can edit meta tags through the control panel.)
    • Liquid layout that supports any resolution above 1280 pixels wide. That includes most netbooks, notebooks, and monitors
    • Supports Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera compatible
    • The image slider in the header can display any image you want. Simply create one from the template and drop it in the appropriate folder and it'll be displayed.

    I would like to sell this by Monday, June the 13th. Please note that the logo is not included in the layout although I can design you one.

    I can alter the layout/admin panel somewhat to fit your needs. Please send me a private message or email me at

    Price: $350 USD by Paypal.

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    New price: $299 USD

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    Thank you everyone for looking. SOLD

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