Hey WHT.

I'm currently looking for feed back, helpers, beta testers, and suggestions and ideas..

Our development team of Congruent Media, & Finer Management & Web Solutions have been working for months on a VPS Management Control Panel, With great success and our fans and supporters we are at our final stages and will be ready to release the control panel to our VPS Division/Brands to provide to their clients and offer it on all of their services..

Now, we know everyone's a fan of SolusVM just because it's the most common and it's well liked, but we all know they are slow in development. That was one of the main reason's we started our own control panel, around December of 2010.. we came across some bugs in one of our VPS divisions and contacted SolusLabs and we did not get a response for a week about the issue, and then so we had one of our guy's look into the control panel that was not running on a live-production server and we got the idea to construct our own to let go of SolusVM out of our company's.

Well, once we started the IPv6 issue came along and after we already had IPv4 rdns management, and then SolusLab did that bug report saying that they are delayed on releasing IPv6 support/rdns management well, one of our devs. spoke with a few different companys and our guy's came together and got IPv6 working with SolusVM and we where one of the first companys (along with BuyVM) to get ipv6/ipv4 rdns management inside the panel, and IPv6 support.

Well, that set us over the limit and I brought a few of our top dev. admins and some of our system admins and put together a team just for the control panel, and dedicated some hardware and some IP space for them to launch and test out the control panel once they got to the stage to run some VMs and such.

Well, by Jan. 18th, 2011 our team had the whole admin and user interface (web-end) coded so we got the concept how we wanted it to look and all the basics of it pushed out and rolled out in the built and now that was all that was left was coding the concept and cores to make it work with OpenVZ & Xen and then getting all the functions created, well with 3 months later..

We now have two versions of the panel, with one being put on pause as it's a later project and with alot of request and want for our control panel to be released because of the current 101 beta testers we had in our first beta run we had nothing but 100% positive feed back.

Below, I'm going to be releasing a bit of information of the panel and I would like to hear back for suggestions, and what you think should be added, removed, or if you have any question's I would like you guy's to PM me or if you are interested in joining the team, becoming a beta tester, or finding out more information and seeing screen shots and such of the panel and what our ideas of it are with the release shoot me a PM.

At the moment, the control panel has all the basic features that SolusVM include of course.


When you login to the panel, it will show you a whole 'user interface' that has the client area linked in, the support ticket system, and the panel and it shows all your information such as your invoices, your tickets, your client area information, etc and your also able to manage everything in one place. That was one of our main things we wanted so you didn't have 3-4 different logins, everything is in one place.

When you login it has a navigation at the top, and the main menu shows your recent logins, and recent actions and then it shows your active tickets, and invoices, along with your account balance, along with latest news/updates/announcements.

Supports: WHMCS for the integration.
You select "VPS Management" and it directs you to the control panel area where its setup into the whole system still, but has just for the VPS management options and the features for the VPS are listed below..

You login to the panel then itll have your VPS information listed and you select which VPS you want to manage/update/change or view.

Listed like:

Status | Hostname | Main IP | Type: OVZ/XEN |
[ONLINE] [example.vps1] [] [OVZ] ([MANAGE])
[ONLINE] [example.vps2] [] [XEN] ([MANAGE])

Available Resources:
[Build Virtual Server] [Upgrade Virtual Server] [Order]

And there setup into two different sections, as we have it setup so your able to purchase extra resources and such and also addons and then with that your able to launch a new vm, or build a new vm, or use your extra resources to upgrade your vps's.

This section is still in beta, but it's currently working and such but there's a buncha setup details needing to do this, so currently when we release this and at the moment we have this whole section disabled ("Available Resources") is disabled at this time, and will not be enabled when we launch the control panel for our brands and clients until later down the road.
Now: This is the features and options it has if you select manage one of your VPS's...

- Control:
- Start
- Shutdown
- Reboot
- Root Password
- Change OS

- Statistics
- Bash Logs
- Logins
- VPS Reports
- Bandwidth
- Uptime
- Load
- Memory
- Network

- Solar Monitoring
- Process Monitoring
- System Monitoring
- Notification Configuration
- Pro-Active Monitoring
- Network Monitoring
- Public Configuration

- IP Management
- IPv4 Addresses
- IPv6 Addresses
Note: We set this up into two different functions so when you select one itll show you which IP addresses are in use, what there in use for, your also able to click graphs to view networking of the IP, and this is also where your able to set your rDNS (Reverse DNS) for your IP addresses that's currently 100% working!

- One Click Installers. [BETA]
- Yes, your able to install different applications/software from the control panel and console application we created. So far it has a 11 working scripts, and 12 that are currently still being tested and worked around to get successfully working.
- Backup Management
- Quick Backup
(Generates a quick backup of just your diskspace and puts it in your root directory for you to download)
- VPS Backup Protection
- Configuration
- Manage Backups
(If you purchase a backup option with us, this allows you to set it up and configure it and allows you to set the time u want it to do it, weekly, daily, whatever and you select how much space and what you want backed up)
- VPS Recovery
(This allows you to restore your backups (but the backups must come from our systems, meaning generated from our panels if you want to use this feature to be restored).
- System Backup
- You provide FTP information (on a server thats not your current vps) and itll backup all your data your full server to that location you provide)


- OpenVZ

We also have a full admin management that allows our team members to login, and manage all clients from the control panel like a SolusVM admin, but instead it's our own custom area. We used WHMCS for the access permissions, but you login under the admincenter of the control panel but the account function for admins is done through WHMCS along with the Support system, and you login and the admin has it's own navigation where it can view everything like we logged into the admin area of WHMCS but instead we have the options to view the clients, servers, add new servers, ips, monitoring, networking, our admin monitoring systems, and all of our in-house admin scripts are also integrated.

So far everything is working very good, and we are doing very good with it we are currently 80% done the whole panel..

We have just finished our WHMCS integration for auto-setup so when a client orders a service it's instantly provisioned through our systems like it does with the SolusVM Module for WHMCS.

At the moment we are just looking for ideas, and suggestions of things you think we can do and add for the one-click installers, and remove, and what you think should be done.

I have no problem providing screen shots and demo users to login to our user area panels in our test-dummy setup that we have running for this, and discussing it further in private. This is all the information we want to diclose publicly until we are 100% complete and have it running for our companys.

At the moment, we will only be releasing the panel to one of our brands, and seeing how it goes and everything, it's still in beta and will not be our main concept for a few more months until the whole concept is done and then we have our security team check it and make sure everything is secure and then start to load itup on our nodes and change over our systems and have everything running on it.

Our panel, isn't just a control panel for the vps, it's the whole management area for our clients, the admins.. We wanted to link everything together so there wasn't more then one login the client needed to save and such, this has everything linked together and is easier to manage and keep records of everything with our simple but easy interface.

At the moment we are looking for some beta users to try out our new features of our systems, and the requirement's for beta testers is you must have knowledge of linux and know the in-and-outs of running a linux server.

We will be providing the beta users a VPS, one of each setup (OPENVZ & XEN), and they will each have 1 IPv4, and 10 Ipv6 to fully test out everything.

Note: The biggest question we have been getting about our system at the moment from our last group of beta testers and our biggest feed back comment about that we get on our community forums of the users who are following us on the development, is what about the reseller setup SolusVM has now.

Well, that's the only thing we don't have live or in production yet, it's going to come later, as of right now we don't offer a reseller program on any of our brands that would need any more controls then what's already there, and by the time we roll out the version for the company's, we might have something ready by then but at the moment we have no plan to roll something out as we don't have any of our brands and division that will be transitioned over to our new SmashPanel going to be offering a reseller type program to people so we see no need in building something to support resellers yet as our panel will not be released to other companys, this is something just for our divisions, partners, besides for the few company's that know about it and have been apart of our beta testing and have put in to help with it, that will be able to have our panel for there clients.

If your interested in becoming a beta tester for our BETA release June 22nd, 2011 please shoot me a PM and I will provide you more information to join the program.

What would you like in a control panel? Not saying something we should add or are going to add, but what's something that you think would be useful if you had with your vps provider if they had it in there control panel.