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    xen unmetered downstream

    Guys a friend of mine is looking for a VPS /cloud or whatever you like .


    -Solus VM
    -Single IPv4
    -bandwidth : it does not need to be of quality ( and location is not an issue).
    -OS : ubuntu
    -CP none.

    he is willing to spend $50/mo

    amount of BW : needs unmetered downstream >50mbits if possible and around 5-10 unmetered BW.

    -ram : as much as possible ( same goes for swap)
    -hdd : 10 gigs with fast reads and writes.

    I d avoid even mentioning something like w2 again as you know how this ended.

    Appreciate guys.

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    go with voulmedrive their dedicated unmeter on 100mbps,
    they sold out try contact them

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