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    * What would you use?

    For a webhosting company would you buy a windows or linux server?
    Me and my team where having a debate and thought it would be nice to see what we all think about this.

    I personally love Linux VPS however my team believe Windows is better to use for Webhosting.
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    i prefer Linux VPS coz i get many client love linux and order on me linux VPS :d
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    Linux is the "norm" when it comes to web hosting. However, a lot of hosting companies also offer Windows servers.

    What would I use?


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    The only reason I'd use a windows vps is if I need to run an application that doesn't run in linux. So far the only time I found myself in this situation is with a customer running an app that requires SQL Server.

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    LAMP ( Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and Perl/PHP/Python) is best for offering Shared hosting services.
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    +1 for Linux.

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  7. #7 that a Microsoft OS with a head cold?
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    Quote Originally Posted by raindog308 View Post that a Microsoft OS with a head cold?
    lmao that made me chuckle
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    They both have their place, but you'll find that most shared hosting companies (assuming that's what you plan to do) are Linux based.

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    I use FreeBSD... does that count?

    The ONLY reason I would use a Windows machine for web hosting is if it was an ASP application. Otherwise, I would use Windows for LDAP (Active Directory) and possibly some integrated VPN, DNS, and DHCP applications in a branch office or something. Also, I *love* Exchange Server 2010, and that, of course, will only run on a Windows host.

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    FreeBSD is a solid server but Centos is the king of web servers. Windows 7 for the desktop over Linux any day of the week.
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