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    What am I looking for in webhosting terms ?

    I am danish, nearly 60, and I live in Denmark. In Denmark it is (still) pretty expensive to run a webshop, if you buy it from a webhost offering a shop. Prices start from 30 GBP a month and I want to do it better and cheaper.

    My background: 1993-2003 I wrote the world's first "softbook" and published it myself at a very low price with big success. In some countries in Europe I sold more than 100 titles and 8 mio copies, because I sold them much cheaper than the "established" publishers. I even published 8 titles in the UK, but with no big success because W. H. Smith did not want to sell my booklets ;-)

    I have an idea about offering cheaper webshops, especially to 'normal' people. I am looking for a webhost. I am NOT very familiar with all the words, so I will try to explain my needs in plain english. I have a year experience with basic things from cPanel. I just bought reseller account with in USA and a VPS account in the UK just to learn something and get started. The US based server is too slow for me, especially because I work FTP with the keyboard (I am fast). EUKhosting is pretty fast for my needs, but my experience with more than 10 people in support from different countries in the world: not good.

    The world of DNS, name servers, a-record, WHM, cPanel is pretty new to me. I have learned something in the last 3 weeks though.

    I want to offer 'normal' private persons and smaller companies webhosting with the shopping cart Opencart (from the UK). I looked for user friendly shopping carts, tested 7 open source shopping carts and found Opencart the best, Prestashop as no. 2. I have decided to go with Opencart.

    My customers I imagine might have a little experience working with their own website, but otherwise what we call 'beginners'. My customer gets a very basic webhost with my version of Opencart installed, which means every customer gets his own database. Customer gets one FTP account, 1-3 email accounts, and maybe dependent on prices I might offer cPanel. It has to be simple, but I would like to be able to modify each customers account. I have seen, what I can do in WHM with packages.

    I do NOT want to spend a LOT of time learing tech stuff about running WHM, DirectAdmin or other software. I AM willing to learn slowly, but right now I want to find a webhost and get started and then concentrate on supporting my customers writing faq, making video tutorials and giving support via email and a closed private forum.

    I need to be able to make modifications to my package, because I really have no idea, who my customers will be and what they really want.

    Thank you for reading this far. Please give me a specific suggestion of a specific webhost and NOT a reply like this: read this post, google this and read that. If you do not have a specific suggestion, please do NOT post. Sorry, but I have wasted thousands of hours in hundreds of fora during 20 years.

    Thank you very much for your help
    Michael Maardt, Denmark

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    4,222 sounds like you need a VPS from FutureHosting....UK based!

    The server is quick and the support team are all native English speakers....many of whom have been there for years. And you'll get a response every time within a few minutes.

    You'll find an offer in the VPS offers section for a managed 2GB VPS with CPanel for less than $50....which is remarkable value for money from a top tier provider.

    Do a speed test with THIS!

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    muchos gracias ;-) rapido - for a fast reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael-dk View Post
    muchos gracias ;-) rapido - for a fast reply
    No probs Michael....but I'm not Spanish....I'm just another Brit escapee in mainland Europe! And another oldie like you too!

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