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    Post Getting Start with Reseller - Need Help

    Hi all. I'm new to reseller and hope you guys will guide me. I have no idea what to do now.

    I should do the following for the start?

    Creating Packages
    Creating packages allow you to quickly create new accounts by filling in the various fields such as disk space, bandwidth, ftp, etc automatically. You must create a package before you can create an account in WHM.

    Creating New Accounts
    Creating new accounts in WHM gives each account/domain it's own cPanel.

    Login to cPanel
    Login to the end user cPanel to administer the individual accounts.

    Creating Private Nameservers
    If you have custom nameservers for your account, you must register them with your domain registrar before you can use them.

    What else should I do? I've already set ns1 to ns4 nameservers on my domain settings.

    Thank you, Your help will make me learn more


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    If you've already created your packages and registered your custom nameservers with your registrar then it sounds to me like you are pretty much all set. If you need more info about WHM, here is a link to thier user guide..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ngky7 View Post
    What else should I do?
    I would suggest sitting down and writing a solid business plan outlining at least the next two years (or more, I prefer to try and plan out 5 years). If you don't have a plan and goals set, how will you know whether you're on track or whether you are doing what needs to be done?

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    Ken can we have a update on this thanks??

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