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    Need Help with VPS knowledge

    I'm looking into getting my first VPS
    I found a company Provision:
    Dual Intel Xeon 5600 Series
    36GB RAM
    RAID-10 Hardware RAID with 3Ware Cards

    They are offering a VPS with 512mb ram for 11.95 a month with 15gb storage and 500gb bandwidth

    Right now me and few friends have multiple services that cost us about 25-30 dollars a month
    2 Ghost++ Bots
    Ventrilo Server
    Minecraft Server
    and Knowing us probably more

    My question is Is it possible to host these 3 things on a VPS

    Is there enough ram?
    Seeing as I'm a newby at this what would I need to learn to manage the VPS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by warg View Post
    Please enable that I can send you a private message.

    512 MB RAM is a minimum for Minecraft server only. It's not enough for host all 3 things (minecraft, ventrilo, ghost++ bots) together.
    Not really, very much depends on the activity of each applications.
    Some how, medium range VPS sufficient to handle it. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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