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    Question CentOS 32 or 64 bit version for file hosting?

    what you thinking, what is better, 32bit or 64bit centos for file hosting server?

    On this server I`ll have 8GB ram but look like now that is not problem for 32 bit linux, can use all of it...also I`ll use nginx web server, imagemagick and few other applications...

    32 or 64 bit and why?


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    64bit OS. better support for more than 4GB even though you can use 32bit with PAE.

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    comitc erfuro

    CentOS 64 bit version definitely!

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    Suggest to use 64bit

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    Yup, I would say anything 4GB and up would need 64bit. Server is able to use full resources available under 64bit.
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