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Thread: Being realistic

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    Being realistic

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I think it's pretty fitting here.

    Been dipping in and out of the forum ever since I joined up and I've always wanted to start my own business. I mainly want to do it because of the feeling of sense of achievement when I look back on the company as a whole.

    Anyway, after talking to a few people about starting up a business one member of this forum treated me rather arrogantly because of my aims. When speaking to him he decided to take the offensive route through the conversation just because I said I wanted to set realistic profit targets of 2,000 in my first year. He decided that this was just ridiculous and he had sold 40 dedicated servers per day in his first business which he sold for 400,000 or something like that.

    So, my question to you; what would you say is a realistic target for a start up business? Also, in your opinion how should someone go about meeting their personal targets? Should they start small and work their way up (my earlier targets being an example) or do you feel that pumping copious amounts of money into a business would be the best way (like the guy mentioned earlier thinks..)

    Look forward to hearing your views on this

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    It's all about dedication and focus. If you have these 2 things you should be able to hit any target you want. It depends on how bad you want to reach your goal but it is possible especially with the local market.

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    Getting your first clients in always the hardest part of your job. You'll spend a lot of money on advertising (most likely), and then setting up and designing your website, etc.. it'll be expensive and hard at first, but hopefully it gets easier and time goes on. I'm still in the beginning stages, so I don't have much history to share with you, but wish you good luck.
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