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    Looking for a Host Dedi or VPS for Terraria


    I am looking to find a cheap dedi or vps to host a game called Terraria on. They are VERY vague about system requirements for a host but from what I could gather :

    1) Windows based OS that can run .net framework 4.0 and xdn 4.0.
    2) 500+ gb per month
    3) Preferably 100mbs
    4) 4-8 gigs of ram
    5) They didn't mention cpu, but I can assume for hosting a game : 1.6ghz+ (dual core minimum)
    6) County isn't too important. I am in China, but most users will be from the USA.
    7) Fast setup.

    I am hoping to spend around $100ish for whatever I end up with. I saw a server on Hivelocity that I could go with for around 90$, but they need all sorts of time to set it up.

    I am really hoping to have the server set up ASAP so I can dig in this weekend while I have free time.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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    most providers now days would be able to offer a Virtual dedicated server this is basically a dedicated server set up as a huge vps these are usually quick setup and easy to use i would recommend contacting the providers of your choice to see what they can do for you "Where the client comes first!"
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    does terraria have a proper server yet or do you literally have to run the full game on a video card with XNA on windows to accompllish anything at all?

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    You might want to consider talking to the guys at CCPG. Check out

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