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    Thumbs up My 1 year review with zoomvps a.ka. boosthosting

    Its time I give my review about zoomvps which they deserve. I have been using them for about 1 year now and can't find a single negative point to complain about.

    Sales 8/10

    I got a quick reply about my questions. There was an order verification system which was passed without any troubles. About 5 months ago, I needed a backup vps and i got a 128MB RAM vps for $18/yr. Its a killer deal and still using it without any probs. The only thing that could have been better is the double disk space offer which was upgraded only after i submitted a ticket.

    Support: 8/10

    Always during australia business hrs, i get a reply max by 10-15min. After business hrs its about 1 hr but i don't think its a big issue for a un-managed vps. I had two instances when i need ioncube loaders installed and pdo installed. I submitted a ticket and was done within 30 mins or so. Helping despite being unmanaged is highly appreciated.

    Network: 10/10

    Can't say more. The network is very good. Never noticed any downtime at all in the full 1 year on both the vps i have.

    I am almost going to reach full capacity of my VPS. Will definitely upgrade to a dedicated server with them. If you are looking for an unmanaged VPS, definitely consider zoomvps in your list of options.
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    I have a budget Xen VPS with BoostHosting @ GNAX Atlanta since December, 12 (6 months tomorrow) with 100% uptime and zero issues. Highly recommended.
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    Thank you very much for your kind words. We will keep up the good service
    BoostHosting Pty Ltd

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    Thanks for your review ..
    I am Also looking to buy AN UNMANAGED vps ...

    ZoomVPS is shortlisted ...

    Thanks again ..
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