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    I need a small VPS to install NodeJS and to use it as a test server


    I need a small and cheap VPS plan or anything similar where I have a root access to install whatever software I please. I am going to install NodeJS and my project on it, it works kind of a test server. I want an SSH access via PuTTy to manage it on my own, I don't want anyone to touch my server. The host could deliver it with a pre-installed OS, however. Both CentOS and Ubuntu Server are ok.

    Where should I look into?

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    Pretty much any VPS can handle that. I've been running a small VPS for Node.JS just like you and I'm getting around 64 MB of RAM usage.

    Check out the offers section of the forum. By the way, I just got an email from 123Systems stating that their 128/192 MB RAM specials are available. I have the 192 MB one (not the same one I'm using for Node) and it was only $15 / year.

    (Node is definitely awesome. )
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    If BuyVM get any more stock, I can recommend them very highly. Gotta be quick though

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    If you're playing with node.js - why not try out Heroku?
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    There are plenty of providers that can meet your requirements and you will usually get a control panel to install whatever OS whenever you like in a couple of clicks. Check out they only have plans under $7
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    I second the,

    You can check them they have a buncha offers there that have very low-end box deals and promotions along with check out the Buy&Sell section here.

    Do you have any other requirements?
    And what is your budget, what do you want to pay for this VPS?

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