Hello there, I don't know whether or not this is the right section, but I will continue.

About 2 years ago I started a script called LicenseGEN and have been developing it since, on and off. But over the past few months I have took steps to make it larger, and more of a Network of security.
LicenseGEN is basically a PHP Script that allows PHP Developers to add a piece of code to their existing scripts, giving them the ability to 'license' them in a way that when they distribute their scripts, it requires a license key to operate. The License Keys are recognised by domain names and an automated license key. I have been provided with 3 VPS's by a web hosting company as sponsorship for this project/company, and we have started to develop a C# version of the script. We have a central Administration centre which can manage the VPS's remotely, post to our Twitter, manage everything about the company too.
We have 4 'licensegen' domain names, the main being licensegen.net which plays host to one of the servers and the main website.
We have also introduced a Partner system, which means we do not have to distribute the script ourselves, we have Partners who apply to do it for us, of which we have a 'Tier' system where the more licenses they sell, the less they have to pay for them and the higher discount on bulk purchases they get.

I am looking to sell this company, registered as LicenseGEN Network LTD., as I no longer have the time to develop it further, and I have no budget to start a marketing scheme to get the script out there. I've already been potentially offered 250 as a back door route to get out of the company fast, but I would like to see about offers I could get. If you are interested please message me on the forums, thank you.