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  • Cheapest Priced

    5 15.63%
  • "Unlimited" Features

    0 0%
  • Best Value For Money

    9 28.13%
  • Specific/Dedicated Niche e.g. Joomla Hosting

    1 3.13%
  • Reputation

    28 87.50%
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    Post Looking for a host and too good to be true?

    What are the sort of things you do look at when looking for a webhost? Do you always check back the ip/domain to track back where it originally hosted?

    Also if you saw a company offering "unlimited" hosting for 3/month would it put you off?
    * "Unlimited" - I know it's sort of impossible to have unlimited.

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    Yes, unlimited hosting for 3/month would put me off as it simply doesn't exist. They'll most likely have a Fair Usage policy mentioning how the diskspace, storage and download/upload speeds are limited, etc.

    I look for what I'm after and then check price to make sure it's realistic. If it seems they're offering too much for low price it'll put me off and so I'll ccontinue searching until I see the features I'm after BUT with realistic quotas/prices.
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    I absolutely look at the companies reputation! The price has nothing to do with anything if your content is important to you. I would be more then happy to pay more to have great service and support.
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    Out of the list, reputation is definitely #1. Unless it was HostGator or DreamHost (as I've personally had decent experiences with both) I would avoid "unlimited."

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Reputation, I hope that is not a bad thing?

    I personally wouldn't sign up for any (Tom Dick and Harry) as the expression goes, but honestly holding a solid reputation within a nit pick community is going to get you a lot further than one trying to exploit the trends to "Unlimited Webhosting"...
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    You are mostly going to get answers from other web hosting providers, not many consumers respond to these polls.

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    Ethics, for a change.

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    I see this question asked pretty frequently on this board. Personally, I am all about reputation and best value. However, I never put value above reputation or quality.
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    The best Web Hosting Provider is that have a good uptime ( you can find these days 100% availability of servers ) and have good reviews ... But sometimes, the unlimited hosting with the small providers ( new ones who sometimes work with reseller hosting so they don't have the full access ) and that's so dangerous because they will buy bad host with cheap price and sometimes will be scammers or aren't qualified ...
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    support ?
    is it considered as reputation ?

    i will look for someone with great support
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    Cheapest Priced and Best Value For Money, that is what I looking for

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    options 3 and 5

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    My choice: best Value for Money and Reputation.
    No, I do not
    heck back the ip/domain to track back where it originally hosted?
    since I do know where the servers I am hosted at are located.

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    I always look at the reputation. money is secondary concern.

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