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    Shared Hosting provider in Spain ?


    Im looking for a shared hosting provider with servers in Spain.

    Right now Im using Hostalia, but I would like to try a diferent provider. this time, im looking for a cPanel based package with unlimited emails, unlimited parked domains and at least 500mb space.

    Anyone has experience with Spain providers ?...



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    hi there,

    I believe it it better for you to use Google Spain to search for a Spain-based CPanel host provider.

    Is there any particular reason you want to use a host that is based in Spain? As for my experience, US-based data centre is still the best in the world, in terms of speed, network infrastructure, reliability, cost, security and technology.

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    Actually I was working like that with a site, hosted with hostgator (US), but I was receiving to many dns errors, so I move to a Spain provider and averything works like supposed, and thats why I want to try another provider in Spain..

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