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    Cart with flexible preview

    ey guys,

    I've been hired to build an commerce website promoting a new awning product. The awning has 3 customizable parts. My Client wants these items to be able to previewed and selected before the order is shipped, so i need a select and preview function on the cart.

    Problem is, I have no idea what shopping cart to even research at this point. I've used both Prestashop and Virtuemart in the past -- and i was actually considering looking for a VM expert since I natively do sites in Joomla! but for this project, I'll use anything that's flexible enough to the cart to do what my client requires.

    Any tips at what I should go with?

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    Ok after mowing it over for a while, I've come up with how I want this done:

    So ok to start, we have these three color properties attached to the product -- main, secondary, accent -- I'd like it to work in "layers" as absolutely positioned divs. This way there is no need for the cart to have one color property intelligently knowing anything about the the other color properties. Also this would definitely cut down on the number of images needed in the product details page.

    The main, secondary and accent properties would be tied to it's own respective div loaded inside of the product image div.

    when a color attribute is selected, a function assigned to that color property's div id would load the color image inside of it.

    the images would all be .pngs so that the background would transparent and the layer effect would work.

    Then any choices would be saved as part of their order.

    Anyhow, I just need to know a.) which cart to go with and b.) how to implement this of course.

    I would settle for a.) just to know where to start. Then I can research the options i have.

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