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    WHMCS Custom Post2Host Module

    Hi all, I'll be straight to the point. I'm looking to get quotes for a Post2Host module created for WHMCS.

    I know one exists, but at this time, it doesn't meet the features that I'd like to see.

    Basically, we'd like to take everything that iPanel does, and turn that into a WHMCS module. Linking to a forum database, calculating users post counts, allowing them to signup, etc.

    Another option that we've considered, rather than calculate post counts, is to go off of a points/cash system, that is forum based (I'm sure you know what I mean. Post = xx points, etc) where you could potentially create as a payment gateway.

    Please get back to me with quotes, email should be in my profile.
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    Hi Mr Obvious, if you would like to discuss what features we are currently missing you can contact us via PM.

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    Personally I can vouch for WHMCSMODULE the one that is currently made.

    hostingme has been awesome when it comes to customer support, if I've found apart of the module to be lacking he's helped me and managed to get it working exactly how I want it to work.

    I'd suggest contacting him like he said because I'm sure he could work something out for you and maybe get it working the way you want.

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