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    Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Web App AutoBuyer Script Required


    I'm not sure what programming source code would be required for this but as its a web application script I would think the following:

    Visual Basic
    C# Programming (Not Sure)

    I am looking to hire someone to create a FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Web App AutoBuyer Program/Script.
    It will need it to refresh every second looking for current / new players auctions using a pre set configuration I.E I set a price and then it will buy for the prices that i set it to.

    Here is an example, If you have played FIFA 11 you will know what I mean if not feel free to clarify:

    The program/script will search the "Development" section using the following section Filters (Gold, Contracts)
    It will then have a set price to look for Max Buy Now price (250). It will also contain the 2 different parameter types (Resource ID's) of contracts you can buy, for example A Normal Gold Contract is Rated 80 and a Rare Contract is Level 90. As it refreshes every second it will also need to do the follow up actions within a second interval also in order to get there quicker than anyone else.

    A few more details about the requirements:

    It must be able to add new players to the autobuyer
    It must be able to search for multiple Player / Misc id's at the same time (!Important)
    It must allow me to enter a specific price to buy the players.
    It should allow me to enter my login details.

    * The Source Code As Well As The Compiled Working Version Will Be Required To Be Sent To Me Upon Payment.
    This is non Negotiable *

    I have uploaded an image of an example of what someone else created. Please note, The user friendliness of this script/program in this image looks real bad. I require mine to have Input Box's and presented well.

    Additional Info:
    FIFA 12 is soon to be released within the next month or two and so I will also require another AutoBuyer to be created for that, I will choose the same person to do that project as long as they do a good job on this one.

    Thank You All For Your Interest In This Job!
    I Look Forward To Working Within One Of You On This Project And The Followup For FIFA 12.

    My budget For This Project Is 40.00 and I have no problem paying 50% in advance.

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