I have been fed up from last few days trying to fix up some nasty behaviour of my server.

I purchased VPS server from knownhost and registered it for Outsourcing Nepal and I have been selling its hosting packages as in Outsourcing Nepal Hosting Packages.

It has been 3 months from the first date of sign up/payment. My Server worked fine those days. From past few days I its messed up.

My mail server is responding very slow to pop email software. i.e when we try to access email from email software like outlook thunderbird its just like we browsing internet from remote location of world with 1kbps connection speed. i.e very slow. It took 10 mins to download 1 MB attached mail.

Same thing when i try to check mail from webmail its no problem there.

Again i tried pop access using outlook to one of my frens server with same attachment mail which took only 1 min.

So i guess its a problem of pop access in my server. I contacted support also but m bit messed.

So how can i check whether my server is behaving properly to pop connections or not?