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    Backup options for Windows 2008 with Plesk

    I have a win2008 with plesk VPS and signed up at rsyncpalace for backups. But I can't find any good windows rsync software to actually run the backup automatically everyday.
    Can anyone suggest the best way to backup the server contents?

    I don't have many clients, I'm using this server for personal projects and a few friends' websites. Maybe a total of 15 domains.
    I have everything on the same server:
    email (smartermail)
    SQL Server
    private nameserver

    And the above are the only things I need to backup on a daily basis, for the worst case scenario.

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    My suggestion would be to not try and treat it like *nix OS and use rsync. I'm not saying it can't be done, but from experience, unless you're simply copying files it's not reliable. In your case, especially with SQL, a simple file copy won't ensure data integrity.

    You need a solution that uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure application (e.g. SQL Server) consistent backups. There's a bunch of ways to do this depending on where you can send the data set to.

    If you have another external server accessible by FTP, a cheap method is to use something like SyncBackPro to backup and FTP the data to another service. Not my personal method, but it's workable depending on the data set. Otherwise, look at something a little more 3rd party like CrashPlan or Mozy to backup the data and sync to externally to a 'cloud' service.

    My preference would be to see if your VPS provider can offer a backup solution for you for an additional cost. Many of the Windows hosts will offer DPM, R1soft or some other Windows friendly (VSS aware) backup solution where they'll simply install a software agent into the VPS to extract the data. They are all configurable so you can specify the data backed up (typically system state, then any user and application data).

    I would also advise running separate jobs for SQL to backup it's own databases to .bak files prior to the primary backup job running. This will give you two levels of protection and ensure a solid database copy. For MySQL, you'll want to do something similar and run a Windows scheduled task to dump each database to a .SQL file again to ensure data consistency. If you're not comfortable scripting these, check out the following programs. I've implemented these for customers many times:


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    if you do decide to go down the rsync route, not pretty but it can work so copy your data + systemstate + sql + exchange the software you want for windows is deltacopy.

    Have done this many times due to budgets and actually did a DR in under 4 hours so it can be done but I agree with AI-Wayne its not the best way.

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    Thansk for your replies.
    I signed up with JungleDisk server edition with backup storage on Rackspace.

    I configured their software on the server to run every 6 hrs.
    I wrote a stored proc in the sql server master db to do a differential backup of the databases and created a batch file to run that sp every 6 hrs using scheduler.
    snagged from
    I've setup the jungledisk service to copy the sql backups.

    I'm going to create similar backups for MySQL, SmarterMail and other important services.
    Lets hope I'll not need them anytime in the future.

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