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    Unhappy Colocation in another country and paying customs

    Hello everyone,

    I will be sending equipment from US to a colocation in Europe and I'm worried about customs fees. This equipment belongs to me but it will only be in a EU country for use, not being sold there.

    Did anyone have to deal with this in the past? How should I handle this?

    Thank you!

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    See this thread for some info:

    In summary, for the EU you pay import tax but for computers it's zero-rate. So effectively you don't (if that makes sense!)

    You might have to pay VAT (rate depends on country, generally somewhere around 20%) unless your DC can advise how to get around it in that particular country. If you VAT register in that country you should be able to claim that back (but that might depend on the country again, UK certainly yes).

    In the EEA (sort of EU-lite for Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) the rules are different - eg in Iceland, the laws were changed not too long ago to avoid colo users having to pay any VAT or import taxes.

    I would strongly advise you to talk with your prospective DC about it.

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    Thank you very much for your help and link. I don't know how that topic never showed up in my searches

    I will probably settle on colo in Germany, so it is the VAT that will come up, not import duty.

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    Why don't you just buy the equipment from an EU supplier and have it shipped to the location you want? Seems much faster - Online in no time
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    If I buy from EU supplier, they ship it to my company name at my colo's address. Since I am a US business, does that mean that I will have to pay VAT for the server?

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    I'm fairly sure you'll still pay VAT if you buy servers in EU unless you get them exported out of the EU (which will put you back where you started!), or unless you are VAT registered in EU.

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