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    Web hosting ratings website?

    Is there a website that has reviews/ratings of various web hosts? Something where users rate them, not biased reviews from publishers that get commissions?

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    Well, its hard to find valuable ones and to verify them. Often just check the actual reviews of those in top 5 place and check if they fit with their positioning.

    For example I have seen sites where the first on was (Ju**Host) and almost every review was 1/5 or 2/5
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    508 is trusted.
    WHT is trusted as well (mostly)

    As ubservers said... Ju**Host, HostG**or and similar hosts, are on most sites in top 10. But that place is PAID.
    I think that they over 70-80% of their earnings invest in marketing
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    I honestly can't think of one that I'd recommend. Most of them are not only driven by ad revenue (which ads seem to correlate with the Top 10 list), but almost exclusively list large providers.

    While I won't pretend that the large providers have a place, I personally always prefer dealing with small, local businesses for just about anything.

    Now you may not feel the need to go local for web hosting, but if you look around the WHT forums, you can find a lot of smaller providers. More importantly, you can track their activity in these forums and get some idea of what they're really like.

    It's not exactly a ratings site, but it may well be far more reliable.

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    I have found my current host through this forum.
    Check here more often and you will learn which are best and more stable.

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    We do use one that is 100% customer review driven and I would be happy to give you the web site. We are listed at the web site so I am not sure if I give you the review site if that would be considered self promotion.

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    Wondering why we're all suddenly adding stars to Justhost & Hostgator

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    Basically, I will check out the website's whois info before I find its reviews somewhere online.

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    Yes, I do agree with Turelio. Companies like Hostgator investing more than half of their earnings for marketing and you can find their ads in most of the popular sites. Also, i'm not in believe in those reviews. But still some other ways exist to find good web host for our need. It is better contacting the real customers of a web host that we want to host. They can only provide a real truth behind it from their experience.
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    webhostingreviews(dot)com would be what you're looking for.

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    A couple of years ago there was a site that actually monitored host performance, speed, uptime, all types of things including how loaded the server was. Just scroll to a host you were looking for and their would be all this info and from comparing my data to theirs they were accurate. Then they posted they were selling to a "for profit" company who could develop the site more (it was starting to get overloaded & slow as it got more & more hosts to monitor). Then "poof" it disappeared

    I bet one of the big hosts didn't like seeing there were 1,200 sites on a server or perhaps their ratings were too low (you couldn't buy ads like on the site above) so they used a shell company or something to buy it out and close it. The technology was all developed by 2 guys as a college project and they were graduating and not really interested in developing it further but it was great while it lasted...
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