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    Creating a Control Panel

    I have a bit of a question and was wondering if some people could help me with this;
    Basically I work for a web development company, and we have two different systems at the moment, one for the web design and development and one for the hosting. The hosting is currently using WHM AP and the development site is using one that we built ourselves. Personally; I think it's silly to have 2 different "client areas" so to speak, so I was wondering, how easy would it be to create our own control panel for WHM or would it easier to find a way to integrate WHM AP with our other system?

    If so, where do I start?!?!

    Thank you so much in advanced if you can help me on this.

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    I guess it depends of how your system is built, how well it is designed and how well it goes.
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    WHM has a pretty comprehensive set of API's, so if your plan was to write a custom front-end and still use WHM to do the heavy lifting, it would be pretty simple.
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