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    * 1Gbps unmetered, Intel i7 | 249,90 EUR | upgradeable

    we are currently offering the following special server in bucharest, romania:

    This is a limited offer!

    Standard features:

    CPU: Intel i7 950 (3.06 GHz)
    RAM: 6 GB DDR3-1333
    Harddisk: 2x 1.5 TB SATA2

    Uplink: 1 GBit/s international dedicated
    Datatransfer: unmetered
    Other: 1 IP free, RDNS

    Any Linux-System: free
    Windows Server 2008 R2 Web incl. WebSiteSpark: free
    Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise: +25,00 EUR / month
    Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Enterprise: +25,00 EUR / month
    Windows 7 Professional: +9 EUR / month

    You can install the system on your own via KVM-access.

    Location: Bucharest, Romania

    Setup fee: 49,00 EUR
    Price per month: 249,90 EUR


    +6 Gb RAM: +15 EUR / month
    +10 Gb RAM: +20 EUR / month
    +18 Gb RAM: +30 EUR / month

    +1.5 TB (3 HDDs in total; 4,5 TB total capacity): +15,00 EUR / month
    +3 TB (4 HDDs in total, 6 TB capacity): +25,00 EUR / month
    +4,5 TB (5 HDDs, 7,5 TB): +30,00 EUR / month
    +6 TB (6 HDDS, 9 TB): +35,00 EUR / month
    +9 TB (8 HDDS, 12 TB): +50,00 EUR / month

    +Kingston SSDNow 96GB, V+100, SATA 2: +35 EUR / month
    +Kingston SSDNow 256GB, V+100, SATA 2: +80 EUR / month

    +15 IPs: +15 EUR / month
    +63 IPs: +70 EUR / month
    +252 IPs: +100 EUR / month

    +KVM-over-IP: +35 EUR / month

    Intrusion detection system:
    +IDS (web, email, ftp protection): +15 EUR / month

    +Hardware-DoS-Protection: +20 EUR / month

    Please send an email to [email protected] to order this system and send us your upgrade options, if you want to. Please mention this thread or "WHT" in your email.

    Test-IP / Testfile:

    We can set up a test-VPS for testing routes and speed.

    Just reply to this thread or write an email to [email protected]

    Setup time: 48-72 hours
    International payment via paypal

    See for terms & conditions

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    I want to say this is cheap - but the international speeds are bad... well it's romania what can you expect. Nothing against you this just isnt what im after, would be great for a site for romanians though

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    Speed to US isn't perfect. It's much better in europe. You will get full speed to germany and netherlands and all countries around.

    "Romania ranks first in Europe and fourth in the world for average speeds of Internet connections, being surpassed by South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, the latest issue of State of the Internet put out by Akami company shows."
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    Downloading files from servers in the US is pretty much faster with these servers than it is with OVH servers or servers located at EvoSwitch.

    Downloading to a t-n-media server from a data center near New York gives me 2.5 - 4 MByte/s all over the day. I didn't test uploading since I don`t have any US servers.

    In Europe I tested downloading and uploading with various servers and I get 80 MByte/s and more in both directions. Tested with servers in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

    The support is fast responding and problems are solved very fast.

    Thumbs up for this company!

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