Just thought i would take a few mins to write a review for Racksrv and how i have found them.
This forum helped me out when i was looking, so i hope this helps someone else out too in the same way.

In march 2010 i was looking for a dedicated host in the UK, i run a few motorcycle forums based on PHPBB and have always struggled with shared hosting with either poor performance or bandwidth issues (i do around 80gb a month all in)
I was leaving my job to go it alone, as such my own personal G4 DL360 on the end of the leased line needed to be retired as such i needed a new home for my sites.

I spoke to Jon at Racksrv and discussed my requirements for a 2008 server dedicated package. he answered all my questions honestly (even if it wasnt the answer i hoped for) and i found him very helpfull.

I took my first dedicated web server with him right away and found it fantastic. i made a small mistake which was instantly rectified by the support guys and i was back online.

6 months later i took another to do some mail filtering for some clients of ours, again Jon was superb and looked after us.
A month or two later we had an issue with the subnet being listed on a blacklist thanks to an exposed server on the same subnet, Jon quickly removed the offending server from my ip range and took steps to ensure my ip address was de-listed very quickly.

If your looking for a dedicated windows server with excellent performance and no gotcha's (none seen by me anyway) then you could do alot worse than give these guys a go.

For the record i have no connection with Racksrv but am a very happy customer. people are all quick to moan and flame publicly on the web when they have a poor experience but rarely sing peoples praises when they have a good experience.

All the best guys.