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    About a week ago I purchased an Intel Xeon E3 dedicated server from reliablesite. I'm going to make this short and to the point.

    Setup time:
    The server was hours after I ordered it. The web site lists a 24 hour setup time.

    Hardware is advertised as 100% SuperMicro, I can confirm, it's very nice server grade hardware. KVM onboard, and a free remote reboot port. The Xeon E3 processor is fast fast fast.

    I'm in New York City, and the server is within miles of here. My average ping times are 1ms - 2ms. Latency and speeds across the US and Europe are pretty good.

    This is where it gets really good, this is by far the best overall value I've found.

    Very positive experience so far, but I obviously have limited experience. Probably a great Softlayer alternative to cut costs.

    I'll be back in 3 months to post a follow-up review.

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    Thanks for the review. Going to check them out myself.

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