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    Exclamation Need an expert in WHMCS integration


    Since i have updated to the latest version of whmcs, my cart in whmcs is not yet aligned...

    Please see here :

    I need an expert in whmcs integration to fix this problem for us.

    Contact us by private message with your whmcs integration portfolio and your prices.


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    I found the problem.. I'm going to send you a PM with the fix now.

    EDIT: Solution sent.

    EDIT #2: If you'd like me to apply the fix for you (in case you're not comfortable with file edits), just send over the FTP info. This is an extremely simple fix.
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    Like the design :]
    Website Design, Website Development, Photography & more!

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    Yeah, it's a great design.

    The client applied the fix and we're good to go now!

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    Yes thanks to both.. John to great design and Brian for the Fix !

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