http://www.v1servers.com offers High quality and cheap Game-Servers at very low prices. You won't get such low prices with this high quality guaranteed. There are a lot of Game Server companies or some people host servers on their own machines but they won't ever have the ultimate gaming experience we provide with the following :

1) Best Optimized Kernel and Operating System.
2) Minimized Kernel and OS delays.
3) Lowest Ping with our Ultimate Locations and Network providers.
4) GameCP for efficiently managing your servers.

Network Locations :

1) Netherlands
2) Germany
3) New Jersey / New York
4) Los Angeles
5) Dallas

6) Australia ( Price may vary )
7) London UK ( Price may vary )

Each of the locations are at Fully Optimized Network for the best pings as we utilize most of top-class available Network providers hence you get highest Network Quality with ultimate Gaming Experience and lowest latency.

Game Servers Supported :

Usually we utilize the commonly used servers and make mods/stuff for these games but we can practically offer any Game Server that maybe :

1) Counter Strike 1.6
2) Counter Strike Source
3) Call Of Duty 4
4) TeamSpeak / Ventrillo
5) Any other upon request

Cheap and Custom Prices :

Our website may show higher prices but we can give you the cheapest price there exists. Website may show higher prices to keep a standard in this field but you can just contact the following address to virtually get any special packages or custom offers according to your needs :

[email protected]

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