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    Paypal limited my verified account

    I verified my account yesterday, added $200 funds to my paypal account, and I got an email saying that my account is limited today. I need to provide a credit card in order to lift the limitations. I did some researches online, is it possible that paypal will steal my money when I add my credit card?

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    How long can I get this problem solved

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    Dear Sir,

    just add your credit card they won't stole your money lol.

    Highest Regards
    Mohammed H
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    They just want a backup funding source just in case you try to defraud them. Add a credit card if you have one and then just keep an eye on your balance to make sure you don't cross 0
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    They wont steal your money.

    they have access to TWO of my cards and a direct debit to my bank account.

    NEVER had issues.
    They are a legit company that wont steal money. Just be careful to secure your account and dont buy anything silly.

    use a unknown username / email address
    use a VERY strong password.
    Enable the "Send me a SMS text with a number" 2factor authentication to your account.

    This way, You can ONLY login and buy stuff if:
    They know your username
    they know your password
    and have access to your mobile phone.
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    PayPal is a relatively secure organization, but no security is perfect, and the role that PayPal plays makes it a prime target for fraud.

    If you're worried, just use a card that has a relatively low maximum balance, or even a bank check card that points to an account with little money in it.
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    They are asking the credit card for almost everyone's account (including mine) there is nothing to worry, just add a credit card, they won't steal your money.

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    this is will happen on all account paypal
    just entering resolution center and see what u must to do
    also dont forget for calling paypal to help u and guide u
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    your money is safe with paypal, they are just looking for extra docs for account verification. This practice is normal at paypal. It is possible, that they may ask you to submit photo ID and address proof also. Just provide them and your account ill get active in few days.

    Worst : You cannot complete the required steps and money is blocked for 90 days
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    I have never confront such a thing

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