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    I am trying to configure squid to run behind NGINX. This is the pattern I wish to configure:

    1) All request are received by NGINX
    2) Based on the requested hostname, nginx should route the request to Apache or Squid

    If the hostname is <name1> it should route to squid
    If the hostname is <name2> it should route to apache

    I tried configuring this, and the second scenario is working, that is request are being forwarded to apache. But the first scenario is not working, that is request are not properly routing to squid. It just shows the default error page (the one that is shown if you directly access squid via http on the browser), instead of serving the requested page.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If you already have squid - why not use that as a reverse proxy for Apache (or visa versa)?

    It seems superfluously redundant to have nginx just to switch between two domains when you have two services running which can do the same thing.

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    Nginx is light and wouldn't take much resources compared to Squid.

    But if squid is better, I'll go for that as a reverse proxy.

    Also I need to configure both on the same IP. How do we do this in squid? I used NGINX because, it can route requests based on hostname instead of ip.

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    Just to clarify - In short, I want to listen to port 80 for both forward and reverse proxy.

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    Try typing "squid reverse proxy tutorial" into Google or your favourite search engine. There are lots of reasonably well made tutorials, and of course if you get stuck there's also the documentation.

    Tip of the Day: sometimes people read the documentation

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    I have tried that already. But as nothing explains how to run both a forward and reverse proxy using squid using the same ip and the same port.

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