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    TurnKey Internet Review

    Hi! This is my first month review of TurnKey Internet and I am really satisfied with their services. And I've been with 2 other VPS providers and as far, their services are Top notch in my opinion. I host a game server and a budget of $45 I was looking for a Decent VPS that could power my game server and I posted here in WHT and some suggested that my budget is too low in a Windows VPS server and I was losing hope until one of our friendly experts here in WHT suggested that I should look into the VPS Hosting offers section and I did and found the Perfect Plan that match my $45 budget and better.

    Promotional Discounts- 9/10 I got a huge Discount on my plan and they have $50 service credit when you transfer from a competitor on your 3rd month which is awesome!

    VPS Plan offers- 10/10 I have a tight budget with $45 and they have a special offer on that range. I took this plan on them:

    Managed VPS4

    Linux or Windows
    4 GB Ram
    80 GB (was 40 GB) Raid-10 Protected Disk
    4000 GB Bandwidth
    2 CPU's (4+ GHz) Max
    FREE Plesk 10 Domain (windows) or cPanel/WHM (Linux)
    Virtuozzo Power Panel (windows)
    1 IP Addresses
    100% network uptime guarantee
    24x7 toll-free phone, live chat, and help desk support
    30-day money back guarantee
    NO term contract (month to month)
    NO Setup fees

    Managed plan for $45 woohoo!

    Hardware/Up time- 10/10 There is nothing to say about the host that they can accommodate 200+ players online with no problems and the up time is superb 99.9% guaranteed.

    Sales - 8/10 Not bad for sales but need more little improvement I inquire and ask few questions and did answer what I'm asking for but no convincing power that I take their services.

    Support-10/10 I have few bad experiences on my past VPS and when I send a support ticket and the reply takes about a day and still doesn't fix my problem and I have to wait another day. Anyway my server on TurnKey went down and I could not access it and send a support ticket and I was surprised that they replied under 30 minutes and fix the problem fast and it didn't take an hour. And after a day my server crashed again and couldn't access it send a ticket and under 30 minutes they replied and fix my server and they kept asking me what did I install etc.. asking me for information so they could determine the problem and after that my server is up and running no problems at all until now.

    Well that's my honest review on TurnKey Internet and I don't really remember any problem with this host, for me I'm glad that I switch to TurnKey. And I already paid my 2nd month to them and hope that no problems will occur in the future.

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    Glad to hear that you are satisfied with the. Hope they will continue to provide such kind of services.
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    I've been with them 6+ months and the service is about 7 or 8 out of 10.
    For their ticket system, the tier 1 support almost always has to refer my problems to the next level.
    Other than that, its been working out just fine.

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    I am facing problems with them.My sites are down from 1 day.They are not replying to my messages.If i open a ticket for a small problem,they send it to Level2 support and then to Level3.This whole process is taking lot of time.After that it took almost half day to get a reply from that L3 support.And the message that i received is "refer our tutorials".

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    Quote Originally Posted by pvakr View Post
    I am facing problems with them.My sites are down from 1 day.They are not replying to my messages.If i open a ticket for a small problem,they send it to Level2 support and then to Level3.This whole process is taking lot of time.After that it took almost half day to get a reply from that L3 support.And the message that i received is "refer our tutorials".

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Maybe one of the Reps of Turnkey might read your problems here. Just a few minutes ago I receive my refund on my Paypal account because of some errors and got solved fast.

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    My problem resolved.It took some time.Its good after that.

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    Just a word of caution about this company. I guess they require a 7 day advance notice if you want to cancel services. I had them for about 6 months and decided I needed a bigger server. I transferred my one website that was on their VPS service and canceled with 6 days notice before the next billing cycle was to start. That was when I was hit with this 7 day advance notice requirement nonsense. I wrote them a short message that I wouldn't be paying for services not rendered and my account was paid in full for another 6 days. I further wrote if they hit my credit card for another month's fees I'd be contacting my CC company.

    Within an hour they took down the VPS and dumped all the data even though I had 6 more days of subscription. I thought well I guess they got the message.

    Now just more than a month after I canceled their service I have a collection agency hired by Turnkey trying to collect $160 bill they say I owe. Considering my small VPS service was only $27 a month before I canceled I have no idea where this $160 bill comes from? They never sent an invoice after I canceled and never responded by email.

    If anything they owe me for the 6 days they didn't provide service but now they have a collection agency on my tail for $160 I don't owe.

    That should give you some sort of information about what kind of service this Turnkey Internet is providing. If you decide to cancel service with them good luck. You might just get blindsided by a fake invoice and turned over to a collection agency even though you paid for all the services they rendered.

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    Wow. That's some story. Thanks for the heads up. I hate it when companies do this. I have a VPS with them. I'm not planning to move but it helps to know their tricks. If this was done to me I'd be really pissed.

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    From their TOS
    Accounts not paid in full within fourteen (14) days of the invoice due date may be terminated and any past due invoices turned over to our collections service with an additional collections fee of SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS ($79) will be applied in addition to any past due balance and/or late fees.
    This still doesn't add up to $160.00. Did they not itemize your invoice?
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    Hello Steve,

    Let me explain a bit further. What you're posting is IF you are delinquent in paying your bill and of course everyone expects a service must be paid. That clause has no bearing on my situation because I was never delinquent or paid after a due date. My bills were always paid before the due date. Here is what I'm explaining:

    My account was due the first of every month. I had a credit card on file for payment and it was charged the first of every month to pay for services up front of them being delivered. I paid May 1, 2011 for VPS hosting May 1 through May 31 (for example). I moved my website from Turnkey on May 25th and contacted them to let them know I wouldn't be continuing service in June. That is when I was told they have a 7 day cancellation policy and I MUST pay for June even if I don't use their service. I said I paid through May for service and I won't pay for another month that I'm not using their service and if they bill me for June then I'll dispute the charge. They dumped the VPS on May 25th and never said a word to me and never sent me a bill. My account was closed on the 25th so there isn't anywhere to see an invoice.

    On June 20th I receive a collection notice from a Ethan & Associates collection service representing Turnkey. The notice says they were going through Turnkey's accounts receivables and found I owe Turnkey $157.98. Now my monthly VPS service was $27 a month for the last 6 months and I suppose if I would have paid for June that I didn't need or want I would have only paid $27 for services not rendered. Instead I'm now looking at $157.98 for services not rendered. My account was paid in full through the May 31, 2011 and services ended May 25th, 2011.

    So what I'm reiterating to everyone is to make sure you read the fine print and that Turnkey has a clause that says you have to give them 7 full days to terminate a service that takes only minutes to perform. If you think you'll cancel your $27 a month account 6 days before the next month is due you'll be slapped with a $157.98 invoice for services you never received. Turnkey really needs 7 full days to terminate a service or needs to bill another full month or two plus $80 collection fee? 6 days to make 3 mouse clicks wasn't enough time? I don't know of any other host doing this. They terminated that VPS account within minutes of receiving my request on the 25th. This is poor service and a policy ambush in my honest opinion.
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    I had never heard of them before this review.

    Thank you for sharing, and providing all of the details on your plan. This is HOW to write a solid review on a company. Including all of the juicy deets.
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    Hello EzStoreSites (Jody), I was able to locate your information based on the details above - and I took a look into this for you.

    It appears you signed up on our black-friday 50% off discount back in November, (agreeing to the terms of service which do include notification for cancellation 7 days prior to cancellation).

    When you did cancel after many months using our services, as you noted, you did so with less than 7 days notice and with an active invoice on your account pending. Per the agreement you made at sign up per checking the acceptance of the terms of service - when you do cancel with an active invoice and not providing 7 days notice, the billing system assigned your cancellation request to the end of billing term of that invoice.

    Many/most hosting companies do have similar terms and notification requirements (some as much as 30 days notification). Our terms include a 7 day prior cancellation notification requirement to ensure that we can verify the cancellation (for security/privacy) as well as properly shut down billable items such as 3rd party licensing from cPanel, Microsoft, Plesk or other licensing subscriptions. It also ensures proper handling for more advance products to be re-assigned like collocation or dedicated servers - much like rental agreements for housing or an apartment may require 30 days notice so they can prepare to resell the space to a new tenant.

    When you did put in the cancel you wrote in a memo (that was sent to our billing dept) threatening a charge back via your credit card if we would bill you via credit card, so the invoice was set to manual pay. The billing dept did reach out to you at that time to let you know the cancellation procedures/requirements (Again) as a reminder so you would be aware, but there was no reply back from you at that point.

    The invoice remained unpaid, and after being unpaid long enough it reverted your account to past due (which negated your 50% discount from the initial black friday discount you had causing the increase in price on the invoice) and eventually got sent out to collections, with a fee for the collections added on top of that. That is how the fee got raised as high as it was that you saw.

    I do apologize if you got the wrong impression from the billing department at any time - but I just wanted to clarify what the full details where here. I don't see any communication from you in regards to this to our billing dept other than the comment of disputing (charge back threat) with your credit card company, even after the billing dept notified you of the policy/terms and sent you the email letting you know about the cancellation procedure and timing. Had you replied, the billing dept would most likely have worked out a scenario that you would of just paid for any 3rd party license costs (such as microsoft, cpanel or whatever may of been in place), and/or a small additional fee that would of been less than the monthly invoice. We are pretty fair on that - but when its left with a threat of charge back, and no reply, the invoice simply sat in your account and auto escalated as detailed above.

    Based on the above I'd love to help you get this worked out, if you want to resolve this please contact me via our main listed number at 518-618-0999, x101 and I will see what we can do to get this straightened out for you to a mutually satisfactory level.

    Also I did try to reach you out via phone at your number on file, and left a voice mail for you - so just give me a ring when you want to get this worked out.

    - Adam
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    Some of your details are correct but many are incorrect. Your billing department never contacted me after I placed the notification of cancellation. I did threaten to dispute any charges for services not rendered because I don't like paying for something I'm not using and I felt 6 days to shut down a service that takes a couple minutes is plenty. You shut this service down within an hour of my cancellation notice which was 6 days before the next bill was due as previously stated.

    Thank you for clarifying what I was trying to tell other members of this community about Turnkey.

    1.) You generate invoices more than 7 days prior to the due date.

    2.) You require cancellation notification more than 7 days prior to upcoming due date or you will lose all discounts and be charged an $80 collection fee.

    3.) You did remove your agreed discount of when services were purchased and took the $27 rate I paid for 6 months and doubled it because I only gave you 6 days notice instead of 7. That sounds fair to you?

    4.) You didn't send any communications to my email or Postal mailing address of this invoice.

    5.) You added on a $80 collection fee on top of the monthly charge you doubled for June services you didn't provide.

    Fair? I currently have 4 dedicated servers and 5 VPS plans. I host with Liquidweb, Planet, DME Hosting and Web Exxpurts currently. None of them will bill me for services not rendered and then send me to a collection agency with an additional $80 fee for services not rendered.

    I canceled one dedicated server with Liquidweb the DAY BEFORE the bill was due and no additional fees and nothing but kind comments hoping I lease again with them, which I will when the need arises.

    What you did is what I refer to as policy ambush. That is where what is common sense and reasonable gets replaced with an unreasonable policy clause to extract more money on contract exit. Nobody reads that fine print and especially not someone like me that has had servers for years. You shut that VPS service down in minutes after I posted my cancellation notice. Nobody confirmed or verified anything with me. The 7 day cancellation notice or pay for another month is not a common clause by reputable hosting companies. Most of them know they can't collect for services not rendered regardless of what they put in the fine print.

    I'll let the readers decide on how acceptable your policy is and your tactic of removing my 50% off agreed discount when I signed up and slapping on an $80 collection fee for a month of service you didn't provide. Thank you for verifying Turnkey's policy and I will not be negotiating some sort of settlement that requires I pay for services you didn't provide.

    Your 7 day clause should be banners on your new subscription process pages and not buried in some fine print that nobody reads. Your policy should follow industry standards and Visa, Master Card regulations. None of those will allow you to charge for services not rendered and most likely the reason you knew not to bill my credit card. I'd suggest you contact your business manager and reconsider if all of this bad review is worth $27. I'm a full time marketer and can multiply this communication by double or triple in a couple weeks. Seriously for $27 you guys want your dirty laundry in the wind?

    My business isn't as big as Turnkey but I have enough smarts to know I can't force someone to pay for something I didn't provide and if I did put that in a clause I'd never allow it to get in the wind where I sell my services. I found you on here and that was probably my first mistake. I've only tried two businesses I found on here offering cheap hosting and both of them were terrible. I guess you get what you pay for and sometimes billed for something you didn't.

    Best regards

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    Hi again Jody, like I said before give me a ring (I tried and only got your voice mail so far) and we can get this cleared up for you- I can certainly sense the frustration in your tone, and think we can easily resolve this via the phone for you so you won't have to worry about it.

    And what you may refer to as policy ambush - is clearly labeled, and documented (and in big red lettering too in the cancellation screen as a reminder, which probably is why you put the threat to charge back at that point when you perhaps didn't read our terms of service thoroughly at sign up).

    This type of notification is also fairly typical to have such in place especially with services that have turn over time/processing or 3rd party costs (license fees to microsoft, cpanel, etc, or with colocation and dedicated servers). Most major datacenters have these policies- and most will work with you to avoid any unreasonable costs if you work with them and simply communicate with them. Sending a threat to charge back, and then not replying to the follow up usually though isn't going to net you the positive results.

    As for services rendered - its just like your cell phone and cable tv. Even if you don't watch the tv, or use the cell phone - you still have the costs associated with it (royalties, 3rd party licenses, franchise costs, etc). In our case, though you selected "immediate termination" which is why your vps deleted your data, the resources and licenses were still there for you to re-image and restore from backup/etc through the entire billing period. We didn't arbitrarily delete you within an hour as you stated, you selected "immediate" termination inside our customer care center which removes your vps data, but leaves the resources (backups, ip, etc) in your account until the billing cyclce finishes. You selected that option on the same screen of our customer service center where you wrote the memo to billing threatening the charge back. Your VPS resources were still there (data to restore and turn back on at a push of a button) through the end of the billing period (which was never paid for in the end, and why the invoice turned into past due and then to collections). I understand your point of services not rendered, but we still paid the license costs, stored the data, reserved the resources etc since your billing cycle was still in effect.

    At any rate, I'm not trying to argue the policy with you, I'm primarily interested in assisting you in getting it resolved, if you would like that opportunity please give a ring and return the call. I'd still like to help you out, and get this cleared up so you don't have to have it hanging over you to worry about.

    Have a great day!

    - Adam
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    honest review and this just makes me believe more in giving false address to the hosts, god knows who and which host might abuse the user any given day. Using paypal and anonymous address looks the way to go.

    I hope turnkey-Adam and Jody can solve up their probs out. Glad Jody had a good service till he did

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